Reviews From a Local Paper

I have been listening to a new CD by Alan John Britton and here is a guy, Bristol-born and raised (as many Avonites will already know), who could easily step in and fill the boots of Chris Gage. Alan is a guitar wizard, a formidable song writer, a really good singer, and he has just recorded a beautiful album called

 Just A Matter of Time.

Just A Matter of Time was recorded here, near Bristol, with the exception of two tracks done in Nashville. The songs are Alan's with two collaborations, one with legendary songwriter Roger Cook, who I believe is the only Brit in the American Country Hall of Fame.

This is a very Nashville-style album, a mixture of lush pop and blazing country. The lush stuff is gorgeous, with Alan's smooth tenor sounding remarkably youthful wafting in among grand strings, pianos steel guitars (courtesy of Bob Dixon) and six-strings by Alan. The blazing stuff is the kind of thing that makes you want to pack up your guitar and get a job at McDonalds. This man is a real pro; not only can he play lots of notes, but he can play them in the right places - exactly, precisely, the right places.

There is even a chugging rocker, I Luv My Truck, and The Streets of Laredo reclaimed as the English-Irish folk song it once was. Alan proves himself to be a dab hand at production as well, and the album, despite its varied repertoire, feels like an album, not a collection of songs.

The only problem is where to procure this treat. The best bet is to email .

Charley Dunlap