Channelled, written, produced & played by Alan John Britton.

This double CD sets the feel of the space you are in whether it’s meditation, energy work or just to listen to. Each track has a different mood taking a journey through 5 different stages of consciousness in preparation for the earth changes now happening and to come.


This information on the New Human Octave came to me during the window of the 11th of August 1999

(last eclipse of the last millennium) to the 5th of May 2000

(Grand planetary cross alignment). Peter E Prowcownik, one of the most widely loved fantasy/visionary artists in the world, painted our artistic interpretation on the front cover beautifully.

With inspiration and guidance as always from my wife Shirley who also designed the cover of Music From Home.

Information on codes carried in a musical framework were passed to me as a child by way of a visitor who appeared to me and told me “this will make sense when you are much older” I developed an interest in music leading me to playing guitar.

Many people world wide receive information in different ways some call it channelling, intuition or universal information. This is my interpretation in my modality, music.

The following review from

This is a double album of the most incredible music I have heard for a long time it states on the sleeve as” music to help balance your electromagnetic field.”

It is said that music be the food of love, if this is the case this food has totally filled my physical, spiritual and emotional being. There is well over an hour of beautiful music on each CD.