2 CDs of popular new country songs and some of my originals. As the title suggests geared for the linedance craze but not only, makes for good listening too. Recorded with my then band “Country FM” we did 2 national tours as the live music section of the British line dance championships playing the Wembley Arena twice and national TV appearances. The title track Everybody is linedancin was co-written with Roger Cook Nashville based song writer, and got into the UK top 5 linedance charts. Total running time disc 1 72mins disc 2 58mins
CD 1. Everybody is LineDancin
1. Everybody is Line Dancin;
2. Hillbilly Rock
3. Cherokee Boogie
4. One Step Forward
5. Shakin Shack
6. Neon Moon
7. Queen of Hearts
8. Do It To It
9. Dirty Little Town
10. Baby Likes To Rock It
11. Swamp Stomp
12. Poor Boy Blues
13. My Maria
14. Callin Baton Rouge
15. Copperhead Road
16. Smokin Boogie
17. Sold (Grundy Country Auction)
18. All You Ever Do
19. Cajun Moon
CD 2. Dance Away Your Blues
1. Country FM
2. Tips of My Fingers
3. Windy and Warm
4. A Million Little Reasons
5. Dance Away Your Blues
6. Big City Lights
7. Town To Town
8. Daddies Old Guitar
9. Sounds Like Rock and Roll
10. How Many Times
11. I Sat Down To Write A Love Song
12. You've Got To Hold To What You Believe In
13. The Visitor
14. Twilight